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Natalie Oden is a successful inspirational model and actress at Vaiva Models. She has an amazing mission to inspire others to fulfill their goals regardless of whatever challenges they faced in life. Modeling became a therapy for her and she wants to bring hope and love to other kids with autism.

Project Overview

Our mission was to show Natalie’s achievements in a unique and stylish way. A custom design and development of WordPress based theme, allows her to showcase her most recent work. A large slider on the home page features selected photos of Natalie from various photoshoots. 

Unique Role Model

Natalie Oden is the Voice for Autism, an example to others who have similar conditions and to those who have suffered from bullying. She brings hope and inspiration to them and their families. 




Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Project Details

Accessibility and Usability

Natalie’s website is fully responsive and is accessible and readable on all devices. Blog helps amplify content and engage the audience.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Natalie successfully uses Instagram and Facebook platforms to attract folowers, and boost autism awareness.

Graphic Design

Our creative designers made sure that Natalie’s unique mission is diplayed elegantly & beautifully. Her gallery contains best photos from various events and photo shoots.

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